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Ratthammer - Clan <MoB> Application
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Joined: 16th Apr 2015
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16th Apr 2015

I just filled out application 'Clan <MoB> Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Diablo account username with # = Monahan#1612
Main Character = RattHammer
Greater Rift Capability = Have achieved Solo Grift 36 in Seasons but capable of much higher now with new items found yesterday. In group the highest is 42, but that was for speed clearing. Capable of much higher, just need a good group
Paragon Level = NS-427/Season-326
How many days of the week would you say you play? = 5-6
What is the key quality that you look for in a clan? = Helpfulness and teamwork. I want a clan that is driving towards a similar goal to be top tier at the same time as being laid back.
Where did you hear about our Clan? = B.Net forums
Team-speak is encouraged by MoB, is this a problem? = No
Joined: 3rd Aug 2014
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16th Apr 2015

Accepted!!! Please contact one of the MoB Officers/Officials in-game. (Located in top menu Forum Members--->Rosters---->MoB Officers. My account is Machine96#1814

Welcome to the MoB!!!

~ Machine96#1814 ~

Forum » Applications » Completed Applications
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