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Eulynn - Clan <MoB> Application
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Joined: 26th Aug 2015
Likes 0
26th Aug 2015

I just filled out application 'Clan <MoB> Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Diablo account username with # = Eulynn#1988
Best toon for high GR = MS UE6 DH
Greater Rift Capability = I've completed 50 solo in Season 3, which was my goal setting out.I took a break in early June and just started playing after 2.3. In 2.3 I should be able to clear quite a bit higher than that with the new items and the cube. GR60 is my solo goal for Season 4. I have not yet cracked the solo DH leaderboards, so that is my stretch goal for S4, but I won't cry if I don't make it.
Paragon Level Requirement = NS-669/<no current season> I want to hit 600+ in S4
How many days of the week would you say you play? = 4 or more. It depends. When a season starts I'll hit the game pretty hard to level and gear up. Then I'll be on most every night for at least a couple hours to farm for gear, push paragon levels, or just screw around with the clan-- whether it be witty banter or helping powerlevel alts or whatever the mood calls for. My play time has tended to taper off a bit toward the end of a season once all my seasonal goals are met and continuing to advance is no longer relevant. Seasonal tends to be my almost exclusive mode of play for the last 2 seasons.
What is the key quality that you look for in a clan? = I look for a friendly, mature group that likes to play the game the right way. I like to play in groups, but I don't always like the drama of public games. In my old clan I was always alone. I was always the first to level, first in T6, First in GR40+ I'd love to find a steady 4-man group to push GRs with. Basically, I want a group that's casually hardcore-- in that we can focus intently on the game to push forward and achieve greater goals while also being able to take it easy and have fun.
Where did you hear about our Clan? = Blizzard D3 Forums
Team-speak is required by MoB, is this a problem? = No
Joined: 3rd Aug 2014
Likes 18
26th Aug 2015

Accepted!!!!!! Welcome to the MoB!!!! Add Machine#1846 and Flawless#1652 or search for the clan MoB Too EZ and request to join

~ Machine96#1814 ~

Forum » Applications » Applications
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