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Blackhelmet - Clan <MoB> Application
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2015
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22nd Sep 2015

I just filled out application 'Clan <MoB> Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Diablo account username with # = Blackhelmet#1563
Best toon for high GR = Hota barb group build, and move speed WW Barb solo farm
Greater Rift Capability = GR - 50, just started barb like 2 weeks ago so i have been farming t8 rifts and grifts for DBs and ring upgrades mostly. I solo gr 50 with plenty time left though so i would say i could do much higher.
Paragon Level Requirement = Season - 330
How many days of the week would you say you play? = 6-7 days a week
What is the key quality that you look for in a clan? = people who want to group or compete. I like when people actively seek others for content completion. Friendly, helpful environment because not everyone knows everything and things constantly change so it is nice to have helpful clan mates.
Where did you hear about our Clan? = D3 Forums
Team-speak is required by MoB, is this a problem? = No

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Joined: 17th Jun 2014
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22nd Sep 2015

Accepted!!!!!! Welcome to the MoB!!!! Add Machine#1846, Flawless#1652, or Serithyn#1721 to be added to the clan. Or, search for the clan MoB Too EZ and request to join

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